Our Approach

Understand our clients’ financial needs are changing during their various stages in life

Our Process

Find the Best Solutions to Cater to Your Specific Financial Needs by Using Disciplined Financial Planning

Wealth Advisor Vancouver
Investment Management
Client/Planner Engagement
Financial Planner Vancouver
Determination and understanding of financial goals and needs
Investment Management
Analysis and identification of areas of concerns
Retirement Planning Vancouver
Development of strategies and customized solutions
Estate Planning
Implementation of strategies and solutions
Financial Solutions
Reassessment and ongoing review

Planning Roadmap

Life-stage Planning Approach

    • Early Career Stage
    • First Job
    • Establish Credit
    • Pay down Debts
    • Start Regular Saving
    • Get Married
    • Buy First Home
    • Early Career Planning
    • Cash Flow Plan
    • First Mortgage
    • Investment Plan
    • Portfolio Management
    • Basic Insurance Plan

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    • Career Growth Stage
    • Build Family
    • Have First Child
    • Further Own Education
    • Save For Future Child’s Education
    • Upgrade Principal Home
    • Growth And Protect Family Assets
    • Build Legacy
    • Career Growth Planning
    • Cash Flow Plan
    • Mortgage & Line of Credit
    • Investment and Wealth Accumulation Plan
    • Portfolio Management
    • Advanced Insurance Strategies
    • Tax Planning

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    • Pre-retirement Stage
    • Reduce Financial Obligations
    • Pay Off Debts
    • Maximize Savings For Retirement
    • Look After Elderly Parents
    • Subsidize First Home For Adult Children
    • Reduce Tax Liability
    • Fine Tune Estate Plan
    • Pre-retirement Planning
    • Cash Flow Plan & Retirement Lifestyle Planning
    • Mortgage & Line of Credit
    • Wealth Accumulation Plan
    • Portfolio Management
    • Advanced Life Insurance Strategies
    • Advanced Tax Planning

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    • Retirement Stage
    • Transition From Saving to Spending
    • Manage Lifestyles Expenses
    • Source Sufficient Income Streams
    • Ensure Adequate Health Care
    • Finance Extended Care
    • Arrange Asset Transfer
    • Retirement Planning
    • Retirement Lifestyle Analysis and Income Planning
    • Reverse Mortgage
    • Income Portfolio Management
    • Advanced Life Insurance and Legacy Planning
    • Tax & Estate Planning

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