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Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm in Vancouver, B.C.

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We are a group of financial planners with extensive industrial experience. We provide customized solutions according to each client’s specific financial situation over their various life stages.


Cura Financial Planning Inc.

In Latin, “Cura” means “care” or “taking care of,” and these meanings match perfectly well with our core value of caring for the financial well-being of our clients. A Vancouver-based financial planning firm established and managed by our founder and financial planner, Jason Wong, who has extensive experiences in the investment management and financial planning industry since 1998.

I started my career through the financial advisory channel in one of the major banks in 2001. In 2010, I moved on to the independent channel to assist my individual and business clients in achieving their financial goals through comprehensive and advanced financial planning. In November 2018, I took my practice to the next level and established Cura Financial Planning Inc. to help more Canadian families to reach their financial goals.

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What We Thrive For

Committed to ensuring our clients' financial best interests are cared for over their various life stages.

  • Financial Planner Vancouver

    Comprehensive Planning

    Strive to understand our clients’ specific financial situations thoroughly before developing and making recommendations.

  • Investment Management

    Fiduciary Excellence

    Exercise full due diligence and practice with the highest ethical standards required in the financial planning industry.

  • Retirement Planning Vancouver

    Client Centric

    Ensure build clients' confidence & peace of mind that they will be on track to achieve what is important in varies life-stage.


  • “I have known Jason for several years now and he has been helping my family with Insurance and investments. He’s always been helpful and available to answer questions with our needs. he is knowledgeable and professional financial planner and takes the time to get to know you and your financial goals. he follows up proactively and forward a detail email explaining the situation. His market updates emails help his clients understand how the market is doing. We trust his recommendations.
    I have recommended a number of my friends and would highly recommend his services whenever possible to others. We have been very pleased with Jason’s service and will continue working with him in future. Thank you for your excellent service Jason!”

    -Ragini - Supporting Associate
  • “I have been a client of Jason's for the past 8 years and he has been exceptional in terms of my financial return (RRSP) and advice. Jason is extremely responsible and follows up with me immediately via email or phone call.
    Jason is totally focused on customer service and is willing to assist with all financial matters even if there is no financial incentive or his responsibilities. He is a very bright and forward thinker. He provides me with a detailed financial plan and strategy which has been very helpful as I approach retirement. I have recommended his service to many of my friends and family and willing to talk to anyone who is interested in asking me about Jason's abilities.”

    -Steve Chang - IT Manager