Five Tips To Navigate The Market Volatility

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A volatile market brings unpredictability, and the turbulence makes most investors anxious about their investments. Even experienced investors can feel uncomfortable about such dramatic shifts.

When the market gets choppy, it pays to have a strategy rather than panicking. As experts in the field, Cura Financial Planning Inc. has put together some of the most important tips to help you chart your course through the choppy seas of market volatility.

Tip #1: Stay invested for the long term
The market has faced many downturns over time. Investing over the long term, you always experience higher growth.

Tip #2: Look for profitable opportunities
The market volatility tends to be short-lived. Many of the strongest returns occur in the period immediately following a sharp decline.

Tip #3: Diversification is the key
By diversifying your portfolio across different asset classes, you can achieve consistent returns and protect yourself against market volatility.

Tip #4: Don’t try to time the market
It is impossible to time the market well. Trying to time the market to buy low and sell high would not work. Many investors end up doing the opposite and earn below-average returns.

Tip #5: Invest as per your risk
Setting up your regular investment saving plan can help you to keep on investing more over a long time. During market volatility, you can invest more at a lower price and then allow higher growth over the long term.

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